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The online booking solution for Australian corporate travellers

Our Online Booking Engine (OBE), Rescorp, offers you the most effective self-service travel solution for your business needs. Arnold Technology and Tramada Systems developed this system specifically for the Australian corporate market.

Adopting the Rescorp booking engine as a part of your technology strategy offers significant benefits for your company, including:

Easy to use, saves time and money
Rescorp allows you to make bookings using simple point and click technology via a comprehensive menu driven program. Additionally, you will save on transaction fees by doing it yourself.

Your travel information securely stored and populated
Rescorp stores individual traveller and company profile data - including contact details, frequent flyer details, car hire memberships, seat requests, passport and visa information as well as meal requests - to automatically tailor all bookings. Access to your information is only available through secured web-based protocol.

Travel policy adherence
Policies for domestic and international air, hotel and car rental bookings can all be maintained within your agreed company travel profile. Levels of policy can be loaded to match your company hierarchy, providing greater flexibility and control.

Book best fare of the day
View and compare the best web and GDS fares of the day from all available carriers on a single screen to select the best option for your individual requirements. Presented on a one-way basis, it allows you to ‘mix-and-match’, such as fixed fares on outbound flights and flexible fares on the return.

Reports captured and available
Management reporting is maintained for all your bookings, amendments and cancellations. This data provides you with statistical historic information.

Like to know more about our Rescorp booking engine?
If you would like to become a Travelcorp client or find out more about Rescorp and the potential benefits to your corporate travel management needs we invite you to contact Alex Kouz on +61 (2) 9563-2999 or

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